JOHN WHITE introduction

John White Store opened in October 2011 based on the concept of the most influential and trendsetting "Isetan" Men's department store in Tokyo with the slogan "from head to toe'. The store is located in Samseong-dong, an upmarket shopping area in Seoul. From casual to modern classic, there is plenty of choice for everyone. Through the philosophy and sensibility of "John", who is the CEO and designer, John White Store remains as one of the hotspots of Samseoung area. As a fashion leader, our store will provide consistent and best service possible to our customers.



JW Cafe is based within the John White Concept store. "John" wanted to have the atmosphere and style of the Italian Cafe's just like he experienced when he studied abroad in Italy in the early days but with his own touch in order to express his philosophy. That is the reason why the coffee at JW Cafe is loved by many because the taste is full of emotion and passion which you can taste only at JW Cafe. Not only the taste of the coffee is loved but also the interior of the JW Cafe is one of a kind and therefore many TV commercials, TV drama's and movies are shot in the JW Cafe. Fashion is not only about clothing but also eating, sleeping, seeing, listening…